YAY Pt.2.5, 2020

The YAY performance series is developed from the artist’s lived experience of Chinese identity, addressing individual and cultural autonomy in China where often, Chinese people hide their identities in order to safeguard their individuality, issues of visibility in public space, and hidden queer identity. Throughout the series, the body is made invisible and visible by transitional spaces, like hallways, windows, found and constructed architectural props.
In previous iterations of YAY, my body was obscured behind barriers that kept me separate from the viewer. Here, in YAY Pt. 2.5, it crosses the barriers and my identity is revealed by the body’s influence on the external space and things with an interactive performance. I move my body through the gallery space dressed in a cloak-like garment of red and black floral-patterned velvet——an absurd silhouette. The overall attraction is focused on the body, representing a transformation from being invisible to, now, publicly visible.
Touch between the audience and my body creates irregular sound. The bodies function as musical instruments now ready to transmit and receive sound as thoughts, desires, connection, instincts, and vulnerability.

Untitled 16: SooVAC’s 16th Juried Exhibition at Soo Visual Art Center in Minneapolis
Performance: Feb. 15th, 2020. 
Photographers: Trina Fernandez, Darren Schneibel
Music: Junyao Zhang
Garment: Junyao Zhang, Trina Fernandez
Curation: Carolyn Payne, Alison Hiltner, Natalie Bell