YAY Pt. 2, 2019

In YAY Pt.2, the artist gradually changed from the invisibility of the body to the visibility of the body. The show is a combination of sound, video, light, and installation. It aims to continue the hidden nature of the first part and the visibility of identity and to evolve and conduct more extensive public reaction experiments.
The artist transformed from a closed, opaque space into a more open and transparent box, explaining the further recognition and progress of Chinese identity. Nevertheless, at the same time, the transparent box still represents the isolation and severance from the outside world. People outside the box can only observe the people inside the box, they cannot touch, and there is no conversation. The portrait in the box is a queer object being observed and challenging the audience’s feelings and ethics. Behind the box, a dynamic effect composed of geometric figures is played, and the video gives the entire performance space a tense atmosphere and a strange sense of space and focuses on the body. The entire space shows the inner confusion of the body of the queer being observed, and critically expounds a disapproval of the queer identity and the weird definition of queerness in the current mainstream society’s injustice to queerness.

Performance: Dec. 6th, 2019. MCAD MFA Gallery in Minneapolis
Photographers: Hendrick Zhang, Emma Shen
Music: Junyao Zhang
Light: Junyao Zhang
Video: Junyao Zhang
Curation: Junyao Zhang