YAY Pt. 1, 2019

YAY is a series of Alejandro’s performance works, which contains three parts. The YAY pt.1 performance is developed from the artist’s lived experience of Chinese identity, addressing individual and cultural autonomy in China where often, Chinese people hide their identities in order to safeguard their individuality, and issues of visibility in public space and hidden queer identity.
As a Chinese, the artist has been told he should be “normal,” according to traditional Confucius society. At the same time, being a queer artist violates Chinese expectations of cultural normalcy. The artist hides behind the walls, behind a wood frame with windows-blinds, in order to not show the true self but also naked. He can be seen from the gap with red light to show his existence. The headphone presents talking, noise and songs sampling from the environment the artist used to live. That space becomes an identity shelter, which the outside is pure white walls. Viewers cannot address the psychological activities shown by the body inside the shelter. YAY is a celebration of hiding the identity, but also is crying for not showing the true identity.

Performance: Dec. 2nd, 2019. MCAD MFA Gallery in Minneapolis
Photographers: Junyao Zhang
Music: Junyao Zhang
Light: Junyao Zhang
Curation: Junyao Zhang