Thrashed, 2020

“Thrashed” is a video work that presents the isolated queer body and its transformation into an afterimage in a virtual utopia with deconstructed electronica sounds, which was created under the influence of the significant changes in 2020.  

Those changes are thrashing the naked body with insecurity mentally and physically, doubting the identity without being observed during isolation, and questioning the queer existence while voguing along with high heels. The desire for intimacy, vulnerability, and care intersect at the center of the body’s performance. With the post-club digital aesthetics, the moving body becomes a digital afterimage surrounded by plants, Bodhisattva’s statues, and delicate structures, addressing the wanting for exhibiting a broken queer self in a virtual fantasy. The music strengthens the psychological panic through the elusive penetrability of low-frequency post-club style.

The project has changed, thinking about the queer body representation digitally and the identity language visually, and has challenged the Internet cultural manifestation through club aesthetics.