Habitat, 2020

“Habitat” is a video work presenting a surrealist acid exploration in a queer-identified space. It is inspired by the desire to create post-club environments to contain the artist’s queer identity and the protest against the social nonacceptance of queer identity in Chinese society.  

Glowing Chinese characters——“spiritually fierce” and “drums”——spinning around the hills and body, prompt the club-like energy. The afterimage-like body is dancing along with the holy statues, and a futuristic structure is popping club lighting, which celebrates the indiscrimination in the habitat. The graveyard formed by the monitors implies the collapse of reality within the Internet cyberculture. The wanting for a queer-accepted space mentally is reflected by the significant gravitational representation visually, which creates vertiginous, distorted landscapes throughout the video. The experimental and nonnatural sound constructs the desire to look into a better future self. 

This video critiques the situation of nowadays young Chinese generations who embrace the Internet culture and virtual spaces to escape from reality, and it also addresses the influence of Chinese politics on people’s ideologies in an overtone way.