F2020, 2020

The F2020 (short for Fuck 2020) Installation is an experiment of the disconnection between reality and virtual technology during 2020, full of disasters. The whole work forms by a YouTube video, which the audience can access with their own devices, and a projected video installed in a small room, which the audience needs to see physically. 

The 360-degree video on YouTube creates a highly interactive post-club space to explore the psychedelic and high-key colored landscape. The popping artificial-intelligent-like windows and the glitchy hands reaching into this space imply the exciting but noxious immersive technology. The audience’s perspective is led to the center of the psychedelic and vertiginous structure, combined with a mushroom tree, orchid, and surreal entities. A group of Shiva’s statue is surrounding this structure, which emphasizes the devastating power of Shiva. While getting closer to the center, the landscape is changed into a recap motion of what has happened in 2020. Musically, post-club music brings the climax and immersive quality of the space. 

On the other side, the projected video installed in the small room is present without sound, but still, as a panoramic view, and only the sound of the running projector can be heard. Though the video slowly drags the audience into the post-club space, it loses the excitement of the 360-degree video. The silence and darkness emphasize the sadness and loneliness within the environment, which embodies the nowadays situation of reality in 2020. Moreover, no matter how exciting the virtual world is, it cannot fulfill the emptiness of the real world.

The content in the 360-degree video and the projection is technically the same, but the way of presenting them changes the audience’s perception. What is real, and what is fake? The disconnection and contradiction between reality and virtual space are gradually attacking people’s mentality during the post-pandemic. It also reveals now the struggle of the balance between the terrible reality and the rapidly emerging virtual world from people.