M.E.S.S Portrait at Made at MCAD

This annual juried exhibition features the best work submitted by current MCAD students pursuing degrees in design, fine arts, media arts, and entrepreneurial studies.

YAY Pt. 2.5 at Untitled 16

Untitled 16 Selected Artists: Amelia Biewald, Maddy Bradley, Justine Di Fiore, Jacob Docksey, Jon Duff, Trina Fernandez, Ian Hanesworth, Nancy Julia Hicks, Lachlan Hinwood, Gudrun Lock, Melissa Loop, Max McInnis, Garry Noland, Andrea Petrini, Emmett Ramstad, Lindsay Rhyner, Nina Martine Robinson, Laura Stack, Mic Stowell, Erika Terwilliger, Brooks Turner, John Vitale, Whitney Weir, Laura Wennstrom, and Alejandro (Junyao) Zhang.