Queering the Cream City at Save Art Space on Billboards in Milwaukee

Queering the Cream City is a public art exhibition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin organized by Vaughan Larsen as an extension of That Way, an Instagram account and printed zine, featuring weekly takeovers of LGBTQ+ artists. This outdoor exhibition replaces ads on billboards with art, adding contemporary LGBTQ+ art to the streets of Milwaukee.

“Celebration: Dancing Me” at Doomsday Evolution

standing at the node of the alternation of the old and the new. The power and warmth of human unity in the face of disaster can be highlighted in detail through the artistic exploration of society’s activities in the face of disaster through cyberpunk-like environments, realizations of self-help, and other resources. We are together breaking through the dawn of doomsday.

MUYA Art Interview talking about “Queer Possibility”

Self-cognition starts from our consciousness. With the continuous solidification of life, our thoughts are also imprisoned between seemingly daily and relatively reasonable to a certain extent. We start a new journey in the process of colliding with ourselves again and again. In an era when learning is cheap, knowledge is at your fingertips. Under the onslaught of various cultural gifts, there are a group of people struggling to structure, analyze, and accept themselves.

“Celebration (short film)” at My Dreams These Days

My Dreams These Days will be premiering 12 hours of time-based work on June 12th-13th from 5:00pm to 5:00am! Our event will officially be live-streamed on Twitch and available to watch at our screening on SAIC campus: 280 S Columbus Dr room B12 (SAIC student ID needed for access on campus). Land acknowledgment- School of the Art Institute of Chicago is located on the traditional homelands of the Council of the Three Fires: the Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi Nations.

“Tensional ” at Left Field v.1

The work will be projected onto the Northrup King Building’s Silos on June 5th. Everyone is welcome to join us beginning at 8:30pm, we plan to begin the event when the sun sets.