SooVAC: Put It in the Chat

In March of 2020, SooVAC created the online platform, Virtual Connections, in response to pandemic closures. It was a way to stay connected and pay artists to create content online.  Put it in the Chat is our way of celebrating the artists that participated in our experiment and helped us forge a new way of programming that will continue into the future. Their contributions ranged from studio tours to experiments in both art and human connection. 

“Celebration” at Mock Jungle

My short music film “Celebration” is being screened in ITALY 🇮🇹 RN!! SO EXCITED and such an honor to showcase my work there and also line up with those amazing artists!

Queering the Cream City at Save Art Space on Billboards in Milwaukee

Queering the Cream City is a public art exhibition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin organized by Vaughan Larsen as an extension of That Way, an Instagram account and printed zine, featuring weekly takeovers of LGBTQ+ artists. This outdoor exhibition replaces ads on billboards with art, adding contemporary LGBTQ+ art to the streets of Milwaukee.

“Celebration: Dancing Me” at Doomsday Evolution

standing at the node of the alternation of the old and the new. The power and warmth of human unity in the face of disaster can be highlighted in detail through the artistic exploration of society’s activities in the face of disaster through cyberpunk-like environments, realizations of self-help, and other resources. We are together breaking through the dawn of doomsday.