Queering the Cream City at Save Art Space on Billboards in Milwaukee

Queering the Cream City is a public art exhibition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin organized by Vaughan Larsen as an extension of That Way, an Instagram account and printed zine, featuring weekly takeovers of LGBTQ+ artists. This outdoor exhibition replaces ads on billboards with art, adding contemporary LGBTQ+ art to the streets of Milwaukee.

This is Wisconsin’s first ever billboard art exhibition featuring work exclusively made by LGBTQ+ artists! Queering the Cream City is presented as an exhibit mounted simultaneously on the urban streets of Milwaukee and, in cooperation with the contemporary art gallery The Alice Wilds, from July 23rd through August 23rd, 2021.

The Queering the Cream City selected artists for billboards are Noah Tesmer, Lois Bielefeld, Alejandro Jūnyáo Zhāng, Jova Lynne, Matt Gold, AJ Morley, Skyler Pham, Lidia Sharapova, Isla P Gordon, Anje Thomas, Ashley Kaye and Va-Bene Elikem K. Fiatsi, and Salgu Wissmath.

The selected artists for The Alice Wilds gallery are Marval A Rex, Jamie Ho, Ben Herbert, Angela Piehl, Bo Hubbard, Daniel Roa, Kostis Fokas, Dustin Steuck, Cai Quirk, Libby Oliver, Liz Albert and Shane VanOosterhout, Cloudy Moroni, Roy Larmour, and Anwar Mahdi.

Curated by Vaughan Larsen, T.J. Dedeaux-Norris, and Laurence Philomene.

During the week of July 19, SaveArtSpace launched public art installations for each selected billboard artist on billboard ad spaces throughout Milwaukee. An exhibition with selected artists for the gallery portion will mount at The Alice Wilds, 900 S 5th St #102, Milwaukee, WI 53204 from July 23 – August 23, 2021, with an opening reception on Friday July 23, time TBA.