“Celebration” at Light Spa

Light Spa presents: Window Walk – April 4/24 8PM-10PM. Click here for more info on FaceBook

This is the last event (for the foreseeable future) of a new series that will run monthly in the windows of the 878 Rice St. building in St. Paul. The event is completely free and the art will be visible from the sidewalk so you can come and visit at your own pace while staying socially distant.

The event features installations from:
Second Sight Visuals
Nicholas Knutson
Tesia Kosmalski & Rusty Detty
Charlie Milkey
Kendall Kramer

Collaborative Video Reel Featuring:
Andrew Platt
Liam Gillespie
Stranger Liquids
Alejandro Junyao Zhang
Rita Jiménez
Kendall Kramer
Second Sight Visuals
Jacob Ewert
George Stadnik

Huge shout out to Chad Holliday / Holliday Studios for the space!