Group Show: I Went To Art School And All I Got Is A Pandemic, 2021


Duration: Feb.3 – Feb.28

Artist Talk: Feb.24. 7PM

Of the many differing opinions floating around the internet and world, we can all agree on one thing: this year isn’t going how we thought. Rising death tolls, a turbulent election, rampant systemic and social racism that infects our field and world (just to name a few things that have come to light this year), there’s a lot to contemplate on these upcoming cold winter nights.

One thing that remains true, something that was horribly touted and advertised to us at the beginning of this pandemic, is that we are “all in this together”. Like it or not, we have made the conscious decision to continue on with our advanced degrees at a private art institution. An already difficult choice to make in a field so small and unrecognized, many of us are finding it harder to navigate what may become these next few years. This, of course, is a “normal” art show, as there is no opening or pomp and circumstance, and really only MCAD students are allowed to visit the gallery, however, this could be something to keep in mind and use to your advantage when creating work for space. This is, after all, our response to this year.

SHOW’s Part 3 Duration: Feb. 21 – Feb. 28; Alejandro Junyao Zhang, Bo Young An, Genie Tran

We/Me: Eating Noodles Together, 2021, Video Installation

An exploration of the Asian Identity as international students from China, Korea, and Vietnam. The duality of the collective’s similarities and the singularity of each individual’s experiences are addressed by the performative visual artworks. We confront and invite the audience in an in-depth conversation surrounding the Asian stereotype. With the use of stereotypical objects and the deindividualization of the artists wearing similar clothing in contrast with each artist’s unique works, the conversation can commence.