The GAs at MCAD Printshop

Printshop Graduate Assistant Suitcase Gallery Show

October 9th-29th

The MCAD Printshop is proud to announce the first show in our Suitcase Gallery this Fall, featuring the print work of our very own GAs!  The Suitcase Gallery is a small exhibition space located on the fourth floor of the MCAD main building, just outside of the Printshop. It provides a black display case and wall space and focuses on exhibiting work by current students, alumni, and faculty while reinforcing the mission of the Printshop as a place for creativity and community-building. 

To kick things off, we will share some work from our GA staff, first-year MFAs Kate Gunther and Amanda Schroeder, and second-year MFAs Darren Schneibel and Alejandro Junyao Zhang.  Our GA staff comes from a variety of artistic practices. Still, for this exhibit, we wanted to showcase their prints to highlight the amazing resources available at the shop and the accessibility of printmaking for artists of all disciplines.  Come on by the shop and check out the display.  The GA staff are around and eager to help.  Personal proposals are available in person or online if you would like to start on your own print projects, and we are still taking submissions for the Suitcase Gallery for the Fall 2020 semester!  If you have any ideas for a show and/or would like to exhibit your work, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Alejandro Junyao Zhang(MFA 2021, Interdisciplinary)

Darren Schneibel (MFA 2021, Drawing/Painting/Sculpture)

Kate Gunther (MFA 2022, Illustration)

Amanda Schroeder (MFA 2022, Illustration)