“Thrashed” at the MAZE VR Exhibition

The Maze VR Exhibit

30+ Artists from around the world in a VR exhibit

link it the VR WORLD here:hub.link/srsQDRe


Mr.ESK & Musin – Italy
Vxnished – Mexico
Jay Tobin – EE.UU
Alejandro Zhang – China
Joan Lavandeira – España
Alexandro Ortega – Mexico
Mananiko Amarilla – Germany
FF0000 – Argentina
Ego Rangel – Mexico
Peter / Trash Panda QC – EE.UU
Emmanuel Césare – Peru
Vincent Caroff & Juliette Jaffeux – France
Chris Speed Visuals – United Kingdom
Eduardo Ruiz – Mexico
__pre.view – Canada
Max ANXD – Romania
Ilithya – Mexico
Monolesan – Russia
Brenton Lim – EE.UU
_ok_bai – Germany
Alice Scope – Snizhana Chernetska EE.UU – Ukraine
Freedrull -EE.UU
AleNaomiCh – Mexico
ERRE4AB1 – Ecuador
Julia Stomal – Canada
Viadeacceso – Mexico
Janice Bryson & Raúl – Peru
Fernando Pérez – Mexico
Tyler Calkin – EE.UU
Estefania Pecero – Mexico
Massarelli – Brasil
La Sebas – Mexico
Emily Chu – EE.UU
Milos Peskir – Serbia
Sena Oh – Korea

Music by Aristidez & Rayman Zarek


VR world by N3t4

To access the space:
after the inauguration the exhibition will be open to the public in a link that we will publish here:
– Create your avatar
– Open the link on PC / MAC
– Use a mouse to navigate in the room
– use chrome browser.
– Have a good internet signal
– If you computer is lag or have connection problems in the room, just refresh the link.
– It is not necessary to have VR glasses but if you have it you can use it.
-Respect the users.
-You can take pictures and videos of 7 seconds.
-You are free to walk wherever you want, have fun! Visit the entire area.
-You can create objects in the room and share it with other users.
-You can share the images and videos that you want on the internet #escape010101