The Body Embodied / MCAD MFA 1st Year Group Show

The first year MFA students are a passionate group of emerging artists. This past month their cohort got together to present a show titled Body Embodied in Gallery 148 on the MCAD main campusThe concept was driven by each artists interpretation of the ‘body’ which came together in the form of a multimedia exhibition and an artist talk mediated by director Ellen Mueller.

On the day of the opening, curator Alejandro Junyao Zhang ’21 organised a performance piece, where Zhang posed as a techno/trance DJ, thus transforming the gallery space in to a “rave” experience. The cohort encouraged the audience to dance among the artwork, the ambience of which resembled that of a night club due to the dancing fluorescent lights. People were also encouraged to view the work in this new ambience. During the artist talk, the cohort guided a tour around the gallery where each artist spoke about their work and answered questions from the audience.

Participating artists included:
Junyao Zhang ’21
Jocelyn McDonald ’21
Trina Fernandez ’21
Alondra Garza ’21
Kyle Voss ’21
Darren Schneibel ’21
Zhangruo Sun ’21
Yao Jian ’21

Photography by Emma Shen, Junyao Zhang