YAY Pt.2 at MFA Open Studio Night 2019

Friday December 6, MCAD MFA building was abuzz with the annual Open Studio Night hosted by the MFA students and Director Ellen Mueller. This event that ran from 6-9pm, saw an array of activities from performances and workshops to studio walk-throughs, a gallery show, as well a Reading Corner for zines and comic artists. This year the event was spearheaded by first year student Trina Fernandez along with Darren Schneibel and Alondra Garza.

The theme of the show was  Conspiracy which was aimed at encouraging participants to explore their own conspiracy theories about different things. “As artists, we have to know a little bit about everything. We knew that we all have our own conspiracy theories about different topics and cultures around the world,” Garza said when asked about the intention behind Conspiracy.

Open Studio Night gives students agency to make curatorial decisions while organizing this event. When asked about this Trina Fernandez said, “It was a fun chance to become closer to the cohort, and really prepare ourselves for curating and installing things outside of academia. It was a great pleasure to think of the overall design of the whole building and turning it into a massive installation instead of just one small section of it.”

This event is an invitation to the larger Twin Cities art community and creative enthusiasts to interact with emerging artists from the MFA program.

Photography Design Works and Emma Shen