M.E.S.S at Break Every Rule MFA Fall Show

MCAD MFA Fall Exhibition ran at the MFA gallery from September 6 through September 15.  The theme for this year’s show was Break Every Rule where the organising committee of students chose to lean on an “irreverent, convivial cliché, lovingly lifted from pop lyrics” as their inspiration. This year the show was chaired by Patrick Sexton’20 and Lee Noble’20. The organisers said that “Break Every Rule is a small but unapologetic celebration of rioters, dissenters, and renegades everywhere!”

Like every year, first and second year MFA students displayed their work and interacted with alumni, faculty, mentors, colleagues and others, conversing about their process and practices.

Break Every Rule concluded on September 15 with an event called No Algorithm Night. This new addition to the MFA Fall show saw students and peers from MCAD and elsewhere, participate in an evening long session of playing videos from the far reaches of the internet. There were no guidelines, nor themes, or any restrictions on what content you could play. The objective was to defy internet algorithms and to watch the outcome of multiple people playing videos of their choice, in a span of 3 hours.

Photography by Emma Shen, Junyao Zhang and Roshan Ganu